What is Double Land?


Double Land

This is a unique MMO Economic Blockchain Game with an exciting story, where you can develop your own business, train efficiently to build economic and business operations while simultaneously earning money. The game token, used as the currency, is Double Land Coin.

Double Land is not an ordinary business simulation, but rather it is an awesome world where people have found themselves in the near future. After the collapse of fiat money, the only economic infrastructure that survived is cryptocurrency!

Evolve while Earning Money
  • Develop your products and services
  • Find sales opportunities and capture it with profit
  • Trade Double Coin on real stock exchanges
Double Land Advantages
Contribute in Double Coin
Graphics + Intelligence

The game Double Land is based on two key factors: graphics and intelligence. The economic model of the game is developed by economists from the Academy of Sciences. This provides a first-class visual component that can only come from the best designers.

Game = Education

The game will not only admire the world of Double Land, earn money but also learn economics and economic thinking. All thanks to the creation of in-game academies and courses.

Real economy = crypto economy

The model of the game is built on general economic equilibrium— the perfection of the economic model. The laws of life now work in the game, and Earning has never been so exciting.

Game growth = Currency growth

With the growth of the Games, so does the economy — leading to the growth of Double Coin. When the token rises, so do the players’ profits.

Game currency = Crypto currency

This is the first project on the market where the in-game currency is not just for entertainment, but it is a real currency traded on world-class exchanges!

Game business = Real business

Players can use real-world business strategies to make a profit!

Our Advisers

Michael E. Bryant
Chairman of the Advisory Board

Michael E. Bryant serves as the CEO of Blockchain Ventures International, CEO & Publisher of "Blockchain Daily News", Executive Member of The Blockchain Council, and President of Bryant Trust Ltd.

Cem Göksel Özargun
Senior Advisor

Cem is an expert in blockchain and takes part in projects as an advisor, having solid expertise in business strategy, project management, and marketing.

Bogdan Fiedur
Senior Advisor

Is a full stack developer, smart contract developer, crypto-investor, entrepreneur and President of Blockchainexperts.io.

Aleh Neliubin
Aleh Neliubin
Creative Advisor and Outreach

Actor • Producer • Director

Zahid Imran
Senior Advisor

ICO Activist Investor, with experience in private equity, assurance, and advisory; participated in 5 potential ICOs projects in Energy, Sports, Pharmaceuticals, Food safety,IT, E-commerce, Robotics services, finance and Consumer Goods sectors from the UK, US, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Russia and South Africa , advised top executives of private equity portfolio company on operations and efficiency enhancement resulting in.

Our Team

We are pleased to present the team. True experts in their professions, all united by one idea — to create a game world in which phiatic money ceases to exist. All of us have authentic ambition along with proven and trialed experience. Coming together with the synonymous goal of making a breakthrough in the gaming industry of economic strategies.

Nikolay Li
Founder of Double Land

Blockchain enthusiast, specialist in the crypto industry, founder of the crypto exchange, active crypto-currency trader

Petr Lavrinenko
Chief economist

A scientist economist, an employee of the Academy of Sciences. Designs and creates economic mechanics in Double Land

Alexandr Beresnyatskiy

A scientist economist, Ph.D., an employee of the Academy of Sciences. Forecasting and economic scenarios in Double Land

Eugene Makarenko
Project manager

Specialist in the creation and management of International IT projects.

Anton Kachulin
Game designer, scriptwriter

Specialist in media philosophy. Dozens of realized scenarios and game mechanics

Valeriy Shalev
Head of Marketing Department

Online marketing, promotion and HR

Helen Lee
Public Relations Officer
Natalya Kulchitskaya
Public Relations Officer
Yaroslav Levin

Everything that concerns design and presentations

Double Land achieves the goals.

We have a lot of experience and professionalism for the Double Land project to be successful. Dozens of specialists are not just burning with the desire to create a game world, where crypto-currencies are an important part of the business and the economy, but they are already doing it. Our expertise is impeccable. We are able to:

  • Combine professionals into a team and lead to a goal
  • To develop complex and interesting game projects
  • Understand the technology and the cryptocurrency
  • We work with smart contracts
  • We use modern development tools
  • We have extensive opportunities in the field of PR and promotion of projects
  • We perfectly understand economic theory
  • Create successful projects
  • We are sure that the cryptocurrency will greatly press fiat money


Game industry


Economy and Finance


IT and Blockchain


PR and Marketing

White Paper

White Paper Double Land

In the Whitepaper, you will find important calculations, statistics, business plan, roadmap and other necessary information that you will need before you invest in us.

Token Structure


Pre-sale and Sale

740 MLN tokens (74%)


Development, audit and promotion

100 MLN tokens (10%)


Owners and partners

150 MLN tokens (15%)



10 MLN tokens (1%)


Double Coin token grows due to the development of industries and businesses inside the game


Investing in the Double Coin token at an early stage will make it possible to get a good profit at the time of its big demand by players


Free circulation of a token on external exchanges gives an opportunity to earn extra money


The token, which is claimed within the game, has a great investment appeal on the external world exchanges


Limited token emission and growing demand are factors of unconditional growth


Team Double Land uses several levers at once, which will trigger the growth of the token

Private Token Sale coming soon

We carry out a preliminary sale of Double Coin. Investing in the early stages, before Double Coin multiplies in value after the launch of in-game processes, you save huge amounts of money. The preliminary sale is carried out from May 15, 2018, from 12.00 am to UTC time on May 31, 2018, 12.00 on UTC time.

OUR GOAL 20 000 000 USD

collected for now
Soft Cap Hard Cap
Double Coin Sale We accept BTC ETH
Contribute Contribute

DO NOT SEND FROM EXCHANGES! e.g. DO NOT SEND FROM: Coinbase, Bittrex, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, GDAX, OKEx, or similar services. Such services change wallet addresses and do not have the ability to sign messages which would make it impossible to claim your tokens after ICO.

Recommended wallets: https://www.myetherwallet.com, MetaMask, MIST, Ledger, Trezor, Digital Bitbox

If you are buying DLC for BTC, please contact us via email [email protected] or Telegram.
Provide us your email, BTC address and Transaction ID.
Provide us your Ethereum address where we will send your DLC. We will send your tokens as soon as possible.

The price of the DLC token for ETH may vary depending on the course of the Ethereum (ETH)


Sign up for important events



1% for bounty program 10 000 000 tokens
50% bitcointalk ( 5 000 000 totally)
15% Facebook (1 500 000 totally)
10% twitter (1 000 000 totally)
15% Translation & Moderation (1 500 000 totally)
10% Media, Videos & Blog Posts (1 000 000 totally)

50% bitcointalk (1 100 000)
member - 2000 per week
full   - 3000 per week
Sr   - 4000 per week
Hero.   - 4500 per week for 20 posts in a week

190 participants:
80 members   160 000 per week   320 000 per 2 weeks
60 full   180 000 per week   360 000 per 2 weeks
30 Sr   120 000 per week   240 000 per 2 weeks
20 Hero.   90 000 per week   180 000 per 2 weeks
total    550 000 per week   1 100 000 per 2 weeks

15% Facebook (300 000)
1. 500 - 2 000 followers   2 000 per week
2. 2 000 - 4 000 followers   4 000 per week
3. 4 4000 - followers   6 000 per week

10% Twitter (202 000)
1. 500 - 1000 followers   1 500 per week
2. 1000 -3000 followers   2 500 per week
3. 3000 - 10 000 followers   3 500 per week
4. 10 000 followers   4 500 per week

1. 20 participants   30 000 per week   60 000 per 2 weeks
2. 10 participants   25 000 per week   50 000 per 2 weeks
3. 8 participants   28 000 per week   56 000 per 2 weeks
4. 4 participants   18 000 per week   36 000 per 2 weeks

Total   202 000 per 2 weeks

15% Translation & Moderation (300 000)

The token distribution:

50% bitcointalk (4 410 000)
member - 2000 per week
full   - 3000 per week
Sr   -4000 per week
Hero   -4500 per week for 20 posts in a week    210 participants
80 members   160 000 per week   1 280 000 per 8 weeks
60 full   180 000 per week 1 440 000 per 8 week
30 Sr   120 000 per week   960 000 per 8 week
20 Hero.   90 000 per week   720 000 per 8 week
Total   550 000 per week     4 400 000 per 8 weeks

15% Facebook (1 200 000)
1. 500 - 2 000 followers     2 000 per week
2. 2 000 - 4 000 followers     4 000 per week
3. 4 4000 - followers 6 000   per week

10% twitter (808 000)
1. 500 - 1000 followers    1 500 per week
2. 1000 -3000 followers    2 500 per week
3. 3000 - 10 000 followers    3 500 per week
4. 10 000 followers.    4 500 per week
1. 20 persons    30 000 per week    240 000
2. 10 persons    25 000 per week    200 000
3. 8 persons    28 000 per week    224 000
4. 4 persons    18 000 per week    144 000
Total   808 000    per 8 weeks

15% Translation & Moderation (1 200 000)

Roadmap Double Land

We publish a roadmap, according to which our project will develop and go towards the goal

November 2018
Demo version of the game Double Land

Release and test the demo version

June 2018
Development of characters, locations, economic and business strategies

Detailed design of game characters and game mechanics

May 2019
Active promotion and promotion of the game

The attraction of up to 30,000 players within 8 months

February 2019
Development of the gaming infrastructure

API development, testing of financial protocols, smart contracts

January 2020
Trading on Exchanges

Trading of Double Coins on major Exchanges

4/4 2018 Investors make first profit selling their tokens to Double Land players.







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